MyPillow CEO Bizarrely Claims Twitter Was Secretly Posting ‘Like They Were Me’ Before Banning Him


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell lashed out at Twitter for shutting down his account for spreading election fraud lies and then bizarrely claimed the social media giant was secretly posting Tweets for him while his account was suspended. He also resumed spreading election fraud lies about a voting machine company and added on new claims that the company sicced online bots and hired trolls to ruin his business.

All this took place on Tucker Carlson’s Tuesday night show, which began by revisiting the recent permanent ban of Lindell’s Twitter account, which the tech company explained was due to “repeated violations of the company’s policy on election misinformation.” Even after the threat of a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, Lindell has continued to push a totally unfounded myth that its machines somehow switched millions of votes across several swing states in a vast conspiracy that would involve hundreds of elections officials from both parties.

Carlson equated the backlash to Lindell’s many false claims — and the rolling pullout of major retailers refusing to sell MyPillow products — to censorship about his “views on politics,” however.

“If you now been shut down, it seems pretty clear they are sending a message,” Carlson said. “People in the public recognize they cannot step out of line because you might convince others to do the same. Do you take another message or do you think that’s why they’re doing this to you?”

“Last spring, I spoke out from the Rose Garden and I said we should get in our Bibles and reach out to Jesus, stay with our families, we were attacked then,” Lindell said, before unspooling a bizarre, byzantine account of Twitter secretly running his account. “This time, it’s different. This time, about 17 days ago, when someone put up on the Internet actual new machine election fraud, I retweeted it, and they took my Twitter down. Now when they took it down, this is interesting, they didn’t take it down all the way. I just couldn’t do anything and they were running my Twitter like they were me. My friends are going ‘You’re not tweeting very much and when you do…’ — I said I’m not doing that! So I try to take it down and I got something from Germany saying these are Twitter rules and you cannot do this, take anything down. So they ran my Twitter for 14 or 15 days.”

The MyPillow CEO then baselessly accused Dominion of hiring “hit groups and bots and trolls” to go after his vendors before decrying “cancel culture.”

“I thought the rules were if you think someone is saying something incorrect, you explain how it’s incorrect and you convince his audience that you’re right and he’s wrong,” Carlson said. “When did that go away? When did we decide force was the only answer to disagreement?”

“Right. I can’t even livestream on Facebook, they’ve shut it down,” Lindell said, before proceeding to repeat the same false and debunked claims about Dominion that Twitter and Facebook sanctioned him for spreading. “I’ve been all-in trying to find the machine fraud and I found it. So all these outlets that have been calling me from the Washington Post, New York Times, every outlet in the country. They go ‘Mike Lindell, there’s no evidence and he’s making fraudulent statements.’ No, I have the evidence, I dare people to put it on. I dare Dominion to sue me because it would get out faster. They don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want that, they just want to say: ‘Oh, you’re wrong.'”

“They’re not making conspiracy theories go away by doing that,” Carlson then said, ignoring Lindell once again pushing debunked fraud conspiracies.

“You don’t answer, you don’t make people calm down and get reasonable and moderate by censoring them,” the Fox host then added in a curious coda, “you make them way crazier. Of course!”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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