Tucker Carlson Goes After Rep. Omar in Wild, 22-Minute Show Opener: She’s ‘Trying to Take This Show Off the Air’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson returned fire in the ongoing clash between himself and Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, opening his show with an extended attack on the Congresswoman, bashing her as a “grievance monger” who “hates” the country: “Omar isn’t disappointed in America, she is enraged by it.”

Carlson’s latest salvo comes after Omar tabled the Fox News host a “racist fool” after he went on a long xenophobic diatribe last night on his show that cited the Minnesota Congresswoman as a “living fire alarm” about the dangers of immigration. Omar went on to urge her followers to boycott his show’s advertisers.

After recounting Rep. Omar’s perilous journey to the United States as a Somali immigrant and how her family was successfully granted asylum, Carlson said: “Ilhan Omar has a lot to be grateful for, but she isn’t not at all. After everything America has done for Omar and her family, she hates this country more than ever.”

“Omar isn’t disappointed in America, she is enraged by it,” Carlson claimed of Omar. “Virtually every public statement she makes accuses America of bigotry and racism. This is an immoral racism. She has undisguised contempt for the United States and its people. Think about that for a minute. Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single poorest place on Earth. We didn’t do it for the money, we did it because we are kind. How did she respond to the remarkable gift we gave her? She scolded us, called us names, showered us with contempt. It’s infuriating.”

The Fox News host went to complain about her call for a boycott of his show’s advertisers.

“Ilhan Omar and her allies in Congress immediately demanded that they show be pulled off the air,” he said. “They didn’t rebut what we said, any of our points, or even acknowledge them. They just try to silence us. That is how they operate. Of course, they called us racist.”

Carlson later blamed the American left for indoctrinating Omar and teaching her the “hustle” of “crying racism.”

“The bigger question is, who taught her that?” Carlson said. “She didn’t arrive from a Kenyan refugee camp announcing people as bigots for a political campaign. She wasn’t always a professional victim. That is learned behavior. Importantly, she learned it here. In some ways, the real villain in the Ilhan Omar story isn’t Omar, it is a group of our fellow Americans. Our cultural gatekeepers who stoke the resentment of new arrivals and turn them into grievance mongers like Ilhan Omar. The left did that to her, and to us. Blame them first.”

Carlson then went to host conservative filmmaker Brooke Goldstein, who unabashedly equated Omar’s controversial comments about Israel, some of which she has apologized for, to the vicious anti-Semitism advocated by neo-Nazis.

“If she wasn’t a member of Congress, she would be a member of the KKK,” Goldstein claimed. “She has built a career on attacking American Jews. She has said that American Jews control Congress and that Jews have dual loyalty. This has nothing to do with Israel, they are direct attacks on American Jews, a minority community in the United States. And she hides behind the fact that, number one she is a Muslim and a woman, as though that insulates her from criticism and anyone who criticizes what she says is automatically Islamophobic or racist and she also hides behind: ‘You know, I’m just criticizing Israel.’ But if you had a problem with the Chinese government, would you turn around to local Chinese Americans and discriminate against them? That is exactly what she is doing. She is using politics as an affirmative defense to bigoted discrimination against American Jews.”

At the end of the 22-minute show opener, Carlson shouted out Fox News for standing behind him.

“We noted at the beginning of this show that Ilhan Omar is trying to take this show off the air. Shut us up. Silence us. We want to reassure you that’s not going to happen. Why? Because we work at Fox News, and they’ve got our back, and we’re thankful for that.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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