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Two Months After Ending Presidential Bid, Andrew Yang Is Now Hosting a Podcast Called ‘Yang Speaks’

Two months removed from ending his presidential campaign after failing to win a single delegate in the Iowa caucus, entrepreneur Andrew Yang is onto his next venture: his own podcast.

The show, first reported by Variety, is in partnership with Cadence13 and will be called “Yang Speaks.” In a tweet, Yang announced some of his first guests will be CNN’s Van Jones and political pundit Krystal Ball, among others.

After dropping out of the race, Yang became a regular on CNN when he signed on to be a political commentator on Feb. 19. But since the coronavirus outbreak has dominated the news cycle and 14 states pushed back their primaries, Yang hasn’t been on the network as much since March 10.

On that date, he joined the stream of former democratic candidates and endorsed Joe Biden live on CNN. Now his days are spent giving motivational life tips on Twitter, making jokes about his family, and sneaking in some election commentary every so often. He also started a nonprofit on March 5 called “Humanity Forward.” He’s currently giving away $50,000 through Twitter to families that need it.

Yang’s campaign reeled in young people with proposed cash incentives to all Americans. His approval ratings defied expectations and he even earned an endorsement from Donald Glover, but Yang dropped out a week after Iowa.

His new podcast will broadly cover the U.S. economy and society, producers said. It’ll touch on topics that range from sports to public policy to pop culture. “Yang Speaks” is expected to release May 2020.

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