WATCH: Bill Maher Devotes Post-Insurrection ‘New Rules’ Segment to Trump Voters Who Have a Right to Be ‘Pissed Off’


Comic and political pundit Bill Maher devoted his first “New Rules” segment of 2021 — and his first since the deadly Capitol insurrection by supporters of President Donald Trump — to what he called “The tragedy of Trump voters.”

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher program, host Bill Maher argued that Trump insurrectionists were people with legitimate gripes about the government and California and Bill Maher’s shed who were just tragically misdirecting that legitimate fury.

Showing a photograph of the White House, Maher said “Guys, you were storming the wrong building.”

Maher argued that the insurrectionists who violently overthrew the United States Capitol under the banner of the Confederacy did so out of anger at things like predatory loans and regulations on the construction of sheds and solar panels.

He said that Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was killed trying to breach the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby, was too busy “fighting overseas” to “watch MSNBC all day,” and that maybe “all she knew was that she lives in a state that seems to care more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic brokeness.”

“It shouldn’t be surprising that America is full of fed-up, unhappy people who just want to break shit,” Maher said in conclusion, and ticked off a laundry list of personal complaints about regulations of his own home renovations.

Watch the clip above via HBO.

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