Stunning Video Posted By Ukraine Shows Purported Russian Chopper Being Shot Down: ‘Welcome to Hell!’


The Ukrainian armed forces have released a stunning video it says shows a Russian chopper being shot down, along with the caption “Welcome to hell!”

On Saturday’s special edition of New Day Weekend, CNN aired new video from inside the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant that has been taken over by Russian forces, during which pleas of  “Stop shooting! You are endangering the security of the entire world!” can be heard.

But within minutes, Ukraine topped that by releasing a spectacular video it says shows Ukraine shooting down a Russian helicopter, with the caption “Welcome to hell!”

Footage shows what is believed to be a Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter flying over the landscape.

And then coming in from the right of the frame a guided missile – possibly a Stinger – comes flying in towards the chopper.

Before it can even launch countermeasure flares, the rocket strikes the helicopter and turns it into a ball of flame.

It hurtles through the air before exploding as it crashes into a field – with a town visible in the background of the footage.

The video is believed to have been taken near Kyiv.

Co-anchor John Berman reported:

Live breaking news, brand new video from the armed forces of Ukraine. Watch this. That’s something you can see that right there, that shows what appears to be a Russian helicopter being shot down now, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry just posted this video on their official Twitter account. This area, just north of Kiev, includes a base where the Russians have been running helicopter operations and which has also been under attack by Ukrainian forces for at least a day. We should say we haven’t been able to independently verify when this happened or any more details about this.

He went on to say that “you can see why the Ukrainians wanted to get this out and certainly boost morale when you see them taking on Russian equipment like this.”

Watch above via CNN.

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