ACLU Likely To Drop Gawker Lawsuit Against Chris Christie’s Office


Yesterday, we told you that Gawker and its investigative report John Cook were preparing a civil suit against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in an effort to obtain records that he had met with Fox News head Roger Ailes on September 11th of last year. Cook believes Ailes has a direct hand in GOP politics and may have encouraged Christie to try and seek the Republican nomination for president. The American Civil Liberties Union decided to help the website in its legal pursuits, filing the suit on behalf of Gawker Entertainment LLC.

Now, however, it seems that the organization is having a change of heart. The AP (via a local CBS affiliate) reports that the ACLU of New Jersey is “likely to drop” the lawsuit filed against Christie.

After the suit was filed yesterday, Christie’s office released a page from his calendar confirming that the governor and his wife attended a private dinner on Sept. 11, 2010, in New York City.

The ACLU then released a statement noting that while the “response from the Governor’s office will likely resolve the lawsuit, it raises new questions.”

Frank Corrado, a lawyer representing Cook on behalf of the ACLU in New Jersey said he’s “happy so the matter resolved quickly,” but still has his concerns:

We’re happy to see the matter resolved quickly but remain concerned that the governor’s office initially issued a blanket executive privilege claim in response to Gawker’s request for records. Is the governor’s office actually reviewing records requests from the public, or is it simply using executive privilege as a carte blanche to deny access to all correspondence with his office?

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