Actual CNN Panel Discussion: Is Trump Competent Enough to be President?


This discussion actually happened.

In the wake of the shocking report that President Donald Trump leaked classified intel to Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador to the U.S., New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks wrote a piece published Tuesday titled “When the World is Led By a Child.”

A panel discussion on New Day was kicked off by introducing the Brooks piece. They framed their debate between former Republican Senator Rick Santorum and former White House Communications Director Jen Psaki by posing the following question.

Is Trump competent enough to be President?

That’s what the chyron read, literally word for word.

“Is the President competent to do the job?” Anchor Poppy Harlow asked Santorum. The former Senator from Pennsylvania launched into an awkward defense of the man who he battled for months in his own failed quest for the Republican Presidential nomination.

“The American public voted for someone who is an outsider, someone who was very mistrustful of institutions here in Washington, D.C., and in some respect had contempt for these institutions,” Santorum said, in response to a question from Harlow in which she asked if Trump was acting reckless. Santorum added, “Am I concerned about our allies and the implication of this information going out there? Of course I’m concerned about it. But I think it is manageable.”

Watch the discussion about the competency of the President of the United States above, via CNN.

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