After Breitbart Calls For Kellogg’s Boycott, #BreitbartCereals Trends on Twitter

breitbart_logoSo we are now at that point in time where we have a hashtag response to a hashtag that was started in response to something that infuriated a group of people.

In this instance, we have the situation where Kellogg’s announced that they would no long advertise on conservative website Breitbart. This led to Breitbart starting a petition with the hashtag #DumpKelloggs and essentially going to war with the cereal maker.

Well, now we have #BreitbartCereals, which appears to be a way to mock the publication over this whole situation, and as of publication, is currently trending on Twitter.

For the most part, as you can see, the tweets reference the site’s ties to the alt-right and President-elect Donald Trump. (Breitbart head honcho Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist.)

[image via Breitbart]

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