After Seeing Prediction Trump Would Win if Only Men Voted, Supporters Tweet #Repealthe19th


The hottest topic among the politically-inclined today has been the map shared by 538‘s Nate Silver that shows how the general election would likely turn out if only men voted. If only men voted Donald Trump would win, according to 538, with 350 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton‘s 188. If only women voted, Clinton would win with 458 to 80.

Eric Trump, the son of the GOP nominee, campaigned using the men-only map, according to Buzzfeed. He presented it and called its existence proof of the “momentum” the Trump campaign has.

Later on, observers noticed #Repealthe19th gaining momentum on Twitter as Trump supporters suggested rolling back the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote. Apparently, it isn’t a new hashtag, but Silver’s predictive map gave it a nudge.

This is from September:

These are from today and yesterday:

In the hashtag, there are some tweeters complaining that reacting to the calls for repeal is only giving credence to a poorly-executed trolling attempt. Still, users in DC can currently see #Repealthe19th trending in their region, so regardless of who started it or why, the sentiment is out there.

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