Alex Jones Sounds Alarm on Talking Humanoids That Are 80% Gorilla, 80% Pig

Alex Jones warned of humanoids being developed in research labs that “are 80% gorilla, 80% pig, and they’re talking,” on his Thursday episode of Infowars.

In a wonderful gift of a video, flagged by Media Matters, Jones is discussing the imminent threat of humanoids with some guy who appears to have stumbled off the set of Dazed and Confused.

“But again, I am in a death battle,” Jones raged, before noting that Megyn Kelly asked him during their interview what drugs he was on. “And I don’t know what that meant, but I thought she was trying to get me into saying I was on drugs.”

“Folks, I have hundreds of articles I see every week about human-animal chimeras with no rights,” he continued. “You talked about people you know in research labs, I’ve talked to them too. You see humanoids, they’re like 80% gorilla, 80% pig, and they’re talking.”

Jones’ guest asked about what rights should be granted to such humanoids, with Jones replying that “we need to make this illegal.”

“They’re talking about making it illegal to make child pedophile robots,” Jones said. “Make that illegal. But what about the humans spliced with animals? I mean this is beyond pedophilia.”

Jones went on to defend his famous tap water is a “gay bomb” that “turns the freaking frogs gay” comment, which he thinks should be taken more seriously.

Watch the video above.

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