comScore Amazon UK Selling Kindle Version of Wikileaks Documents

Amazon UK Selling Kindle Version of Wikileaks Documents

Even as websites for Paypal and Mastercard suffer “Anonymous” blowback for closing Wikileaks accounts, Amazon UK has made a Kindle version of the latest document dump available for download. Ironically, the same 4chan hackers who attacked Mastercard and Paypal (and Sarah Palin?) have promised a similar attack on today, in retaliation for the site shutting down Wikileaks’ US server for what it called a “Terms of Service” violation. It seems that Amazon, Paypal, and Visa can now have their cake and eat it, too.

The key difference here, it bears noting, is that neither Wikileaks, nor it’s lightning-rod founder Julian Assange, stand to profit from the  sale of this Kindle edition of the document dump. The beneficiary here is Heinz Duthel, a sort of eBook renaissance man whose ouvre includes Discovering Asian Women and Learn Chinese finger Shadows plays, among others.

It’s worth noting, mainly, because it exposes the hypocrisy at work here:

Amazon used to host WikiLeaks’ website in the United States, but shut it down last week, saying it had violated terms of service by publishing material it did not own and which could cause harm.

Since it’s the same material, and Duthel doesn’t “own” it any more than Assange did, there appears to be a major contradiction there. It’s also a nifty workaround for Paypal, et al, to profit from the Wikileaks material, while maintaining a public stance against them.

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