America First? Trump Folds to China Demand of No Questions From Reporters

During President Donald Trump’s first official visit to China, he opted to not hold a joint press conference with President Xi Jinping — breaking decades of precedent where US leaders have insisted on taking reporters’ questions in the repressive communist regime.

Per White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the traditional China-US presidential presser was not held because “it was at the Chinese insistence there were no questions today.” Traditionally, US presidents have not bent-the-knee to the anti-press demands of the Chinese government, but clearly Trump agreed to the terms.

For refusing to stand-up to China’s authoritarian media policies, Trump was blasted on Twitter by pundits and journalists, many pointing out this decision portrays the president — despite all his tough talk — as week and skittish compared to his predecessors:

[featured image via screengrab/YouTube]

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