American Atheists Pulled from CPAC Shortly After Announcing Planned Presence


Would you expect a group called American Atheists to have a booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference? Well, it turns out the secular group was planning to be at CPAC this year, telling CNN last night they would be setting up a booth as part of an outreach effort. Group president David Silverman said, “Just as there are many closeted atheists in the church pews, I am extremely confident that there are many closeted atheists in the ranks of conservatives.” A CPAC representative also confirmed the news to CNN, so it seemed like a done deal.

Until today.

CNN associate producer Dan Merica tweeted out the news earlier today that CPAC decided to pull the plug, and now the American Atheists will not have a booth at the conference.

Merica also posted reactions from Silverman, who said CPAC didn’t want to hear their message that “Christianity is bad for conservatism.”

There are a few notable conservative atheists, including Crossfire host S.E. Cupp and columnist George Will, the latter recently describing himself as an “amiable, low-voltage atheist.” Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer admitted a few months ago he does not personally believe in God, but can greatly respect the idea of a creator.

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