Anger is Building Online as France Continues to Outlaw Burkinis in More Towns


Recently, cities across France have begun banning burkinis. Five have implemented bans and three are working on it. If you don’t know what a burkini is, don’t feel bad; it is a long-sleeved dress-style swimsuit worn by Muslim women and it isn’t very common as it is. If you’re a regular person spending time with friends and family on a beach, you probably aren’t in the business of critiquing the swimwear worn by the woman three foldable chairs over from you.

Unless, of course, you’re Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who called these swimsuits “the enslavement of women.” To demonstrate his commitment to letting women be free to make their own choices, he is spearheading the bans. If your cognitive dissonance radar is going off right now, you’re not alone. Women have been speaking out against these bans for a few weeks now, but as more and more cities in France move to ban the swimwear, the anger is reaching new heights online.

In response to quotes like this…

…women and whistle-blowers are saying things like this:

The sentiments are being widely shared.

Some are pointing out that there were once bans on two-piece swimsuits on many beaches throughout the world. Others are hosting calm discussions that highlight double standards. Hend Amry is especially active on Twitter.

Still others are making note of some reticence from certain categories of feminists.

Other prominent Western feminists are speaking out:

In spite of all of the conversation, cities are moving forward in legislating swimwear. It takes more than some tweets to reverse legislation, but all fires do start with a spark.

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