Anthony Weiner Praises Rand Paul’s Winning 2016 Strategy


It’s rare for a liberal Democrat like former Rep. Anthony Weiner to praise conservative darling Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). But the former congressman is not mincing words in a new Business Insider column in which he compares Paul’s 2016 strategy to the way Apple sells its products.

Weiner argued that Apple’s new encryption technology, which even they would not be able to unlock and hand over to law enforcement, is a selling tool for the company just as Paul’s positions on surveillance are attractive to “privacy-concerned, party-non-aligned, previously non-voting, SOPA-hating, pot-tolerant youth.”

“In a way that it seems only technology issues can, this fight has created new age political coalitions that might give a hint to who the GOP chooses to be its candidate in 2016,” Weiner wrote, adding that someone like Paul is betting on the fact that this new coalition of young people really cares about the issues of surveillance he champions. “Millennials who are turning away from politics in droves seem to be animated by these technology-regulation fights.”

And as a result, according to Weiner, Paul could position himself well during the GOP primary. While establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie would contrast with Tea Party like Ted Cruz, Weiner argues that Paul is “making a play for a far bigger prey — new voters” — in a way similar to how Apple is wooing young people with its new encryption policies.

You can read Weiner’s entire column here.

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