Art of the Deal Writer Tony Schwartz: Deep Down Inside, Trump Knows ‘He’s a Con Man’


Tony Schwartz spent 18 months in close company with President Donald Trump in the 1980s as they worked together on the bestselling book The Art of the Deal. As a result, Schwartz is widely-recognized to be a Trump-whisperer of sorts.

Wednesday on The Beat, Schwartz took another deep dive into the psyche of the commander-in-chief. The author’s conclusion? Many Trump Tweets are laden with self-reflective subtext.

“What Trump does, if you read his tweets, when he’s talking about other people, almost invariably he’s describing himself,” Schwartz said. “And that was the case in the book. Of course, he hadn’t yet decided to run for President. But that notion that he’s a con man? Believe me, that’s deep inside what he knows himself to be.”

Schwartz is on record as saying that Trump is cognizant of the dangers posed to his administration by special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe. Couple that with Tuesday’s dismal results, and Schwartz believes the picture of a smiling POTUS on Air Force One early Wednesday was a total facade.

“I think he’s in a rage right now,” Schwartz said. “I think he’s in a rage most of all about Mueller. Because Mueller stands to really topple the whole building. I think it’s exacerbated by the fact that he seems to be taking blame for what happened last night, and all the statistics suggest rightfully so. So I think he’s in a really highly activated and aroused state.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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