Ashley Dupre: Former Prostitute, Dating Columnist, Charlie Gibson Warm-Up Act

dupre_12-14Ashley Dupre made a stop at The View today to talk about her new New York Post column, cheating men and more.

Soon-to-be departing ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson was there too, but he was the 2nd guest (priorities). Also, she poked fun at how little the Post pays (it’s no prostitution, that’s for sure).

Eliot Spitzer‘s famous-ish favorite prostitute Ashley Dupre’s new NYP dating column debuted yesterday, so The View appearance allowed her to talk about that as well as her past in general terms. “Why have you put yourself out there?” asked co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

“I had a life before all of this,” she said. “I was pursuing my music, I was taking vocal lessons, acting lessons, piano lessons, I was going to open a members only club in the Hamptons. Like, I had a life.”

Barbara Walters jumped in a minute later: “Now you are getting paid for advice. You would not have had this column were it not for your experience.”

“Well it’s the New York Post, I’m not really getting paid that much,” she said laughing. “So it’s definitely not for the money!” (I’m sure the Post loved that.)

Next up was Gibson, who joked, “Don’t get to the leftover Ashley Dupre questions, thank you very much.” First topic for the newsman to discuss – Tiger Woods.

Here’s part of the Dupre interview:

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