Aziz Ansari on Trump’s Anti-Muslim Talk: It ‘Does Nothing To Address the Real Problems’


Comedian Aziz Ansari isn’t afraid to get political or talk about racism. Anyone who has seen his Netflix hit, Master of None, knows that his parents are a big part of his life. Today, he released an op-ed in the New York Times that combined those three things — politics, racism, his parents — and aimed squarely at one Mr. Donald J. Trump. He titled it, “Why Trump Makes Me Scared For My Family.”

He wrote an impassioned defense of Muslim immigrants like his parents. Under a Trump presidency, people like them might not be able to get into the United States (let alone eventually become the breakout stars of their son’s sitcom). This paragraph, in particular, highlights why Ansari thinks that’s a horrible way to treat Muslim Americans and potential Muslim Americans:

There are approximately 3.3 million Muslim Americans. After the attack in Orlando, The Times reported that the F.B.I. is investigating 1,000 potential “homegrown violent extremists,” a majority of whom are most likely connected in some way to the Islamic State. If everyone on that list is Muslim American, that is 0.03 percent of the Muslim American population. If you round that number, it is 0 percent. The overwhelming number of Muslim Americans have as much in common with that monster in Orlando as any white person has with any of the white terrorists who shoot up movie theaters or schools or abortion clinics.

He touched on Trump’s assertion that Muslim Americans “know who the bad ones are,” countering that, “Not only is this wrongheaded; but it also does nothing to address the real problems posed by terrorist attacks.”

The piece concluded with Ansari pointing out the irony of the man who claimed to have witnessed Muslims celebrating 9/11 tweeting, “Appreciate the congrats.” after a shooter who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State killed 49 people in Florida. Read it all here.

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