Bad Lip Reading Lampoons Sarah Sanders’ Press Briefing: ‘Okay Idiots, Are You Ready?’

This was inevitable.

Bad Lip Reading — the YouTube satirists who dub audio over a variety videos to make it seem like the subjects are making wildly comical statements — took on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the daily briefing in a video posted Friday. And man, did they deliver.

“Okay, idiots, are you ready?” The mock Sanders said during the video’s open.

Sanders scanned the room — where she saw the faces of media members who have become household names thanks to the daily briefing. Faces like those belonging to Kristen Welker of NBC News, Kevin Corke of Fox News, and John Gizzi of Newsmax.

“I just can’t stand the faces of you people,” mock Sanders said through clenched teeth. “Those dead, questioning eyes. You dummies don’t matter.”

Halfway through the video, it was Gizzi’s turn to ask a question.

“Lanky,” Sanders said — referring to Gizzi.

“It’s been a whole hour since Kristen sat on my whistle,” Gizzi said.

“I did not sit on it,” Welker replied.

“Then where’s my whistle?” Gizzi shot back.

“Really important issue,” Sanders said.

Watch this masterpiece above, via YouTube.

[featured image via screengrab]

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