Beck Confronts Rand Paul: ‘Why Have You Decided to Turn Your Guns on Ted Cruz?’

beck paulA few weeks ago, Rand Paul went after fellow senator and 2016 rival Ted Cruz for insulting colleagues and burning bridges. He said that Cruz is “pretty much done for” in the Senate because “in a democratic republic, you have to woo people, you can’t hit them over the head.”

A few days later, he doubled down by saying that when he disagrees with someone, his strategy “is not to call them a name or to be inflammatory” or to imply they’re dishonest.

When Paul appeared on Glenn Beck‘s radio show today, Beck confronted Paul and asked, “Why have you decided to turn your guns on Ted Cruz at this point?”

He bemoaned all the Republican infighting, but Paul called it a “misrepresentation” to say he’s targeting Cruz, insisting he’s just responding to questions.

Beck still pressed him a little on his criticisms of Cruz and Paul said “that is my honest answer.” He told Beck “rattling our cages for the base” isn’t enough and to win, the Republican party needs to broaden its appeal.

Listen above (the relevant part starts at the 7:20 mark), via The Glenn Beck Program.

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