Ben Shapiro Makes a Pitch to Trump: ‘I’m Only 34, I Could Be On The Court For 60 Years. Just Sayin!’


It appears conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is seeking a new line of work.

All day on Twitter, Shapiro and his fans had some fun at the idea of him being nominated to the Supreme Court to fill the vacant seat that will be left behind by Justice Anthony Kennedy.

He first made a direct appeal to President Donald Trump on Twitter and gave him a little taste of what it’d be like with him on the bench.

The Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief later appeared on Fox News where Martha MacCallum joked that Shapiro sorta “suggested” himself to SCOTUS.

“I’ll take it! If I’m nominated, I’ll take it,” Shapiro grinned. “The confirmation hearings would be lit!”

“Exactly! They would be!” MacCallum laughed.

Shapiro then pitched to Trump directly in case he was watching Fox News (which was fairly likely).

“Mr. President, if you’re looking for somebody who’s gonna have several decades on the court longer than anybody else you’re looking at, I’ll throw my hat in the ring,” Shapiro told Trump.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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