Boutique Clothier Mocks Dark Knight Massacre On Twitter For Profit (Updated)

Celeb Boutique, a retail clothier, tweeted a cheeky reference to the Colorado Dark Night massacre on Friday that has inspired significant blowback. The women’s clothing retailer tweeted that the Aurora shooting hashtag which was trending on Twitter at the time of the offending tweet must have been referring to a clothing line by Kim Kardashian. The tweet concluded with a “winky face” emoticon.

@celebboutique: #Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;) Shop

The link that Celeb Boutique ended the tweet with sent users to a page advertising a V-necked dress.

The implication with the wink at the end of the tweet means the individual who decided that the tragic mass murders in Colorado represented an opportune time to promote their clothing line knew what they were doing.

UPDATE: Celeb Boutique has issued an apology for their earlier twee and explains that their PR department was unaware of the unfolding tragedy in Colorado:

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