British Media Embarrassed By Seemingly False ‘Empty Tents’ Report At Occupy London?

British Media Embarrassed By False 'Empty Tents' Report At Occupy London?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a global phenomenon; city squares and parks around the world have become tent cities filled with protestors upset with wealth inequity and corporate cronyism. OccupyLSX is the specific protest outside the London Stock Exchange where you can find loads of tents ostensibly filled overnight campers. Or can you? British media outlets ran a story pegged to thermal imaging photos that suggested 90% of the tents are empty at night, running with mocking headines like Part Time Protest. But NOT SO FAST! Some enterprising OccupyLSX “campers” claim to use the very same equipment and have posted on YouTube a video that suggests that the British press may have gotten this wrong. Checkmate?

Numerous British papers jumped at the seemingly embarrassing story for OccupyLSX protesters, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. But as you can see from the video embedded below, it appears that the thermal imaging technology from which the mocking reports were based may actually not be what it seems.

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