Chris Christie: ‘A Very Disturbing Day For Some Senior Members of the Trump Campaign’


Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey and briefly the head of President Donald Trump’s transition team, believes that some “senior members” of the Trump campaign ought to be worried following the Federal indictment of Roger Stone.

Appearing on an ABC News special report to break down the morning’s developments, Christie saluted special counsel Robert Mueller‘s work, and thinks — based on the details of the indictment — that Stone is doomed.

“When I read this indictment this morning, it once again proved out just how smart and careful Robert Mueller is being,” Christie said. “He has Roger Stone, according to this indictment, dead to rights on the perjury charges.”

Christie went on to detail the potential ramifications for Trump campaign officials:

“This has got to be a very disturbing day for some senior members of the Trump campaign. Because, for those folks to now be in this indictment, referenced in this indictment, as having given any kind of direction to Roger Stone, opens up a whole new avenue of inquiry that I’m sure Mueller has already done. And I think one of the things that people always discount is the prosecutor almost always knows more than you do. And hen they went and sat with the special counsel, I think the other thing they’ve all got to be concerned about is whether they’re going to be facing charges on false statements to the prosecutors as well, depending on what they told them.

“And that’s a very small circle of people.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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