Chris Matthews: The Economy Is Worse Than Monica Lewinsky


Everything old is new again! Last night certainly felt like a blast from 2008 as all the cablers went wall to wall with coverage of Massachusetts special election. And really it would be hard to argue that there is anyone who enjoys the election circus more than Chris Matthews who had a hard time concealing his glee a the excitement last night’s results generated. Matthews’ sort of freefrom analysis often times feels like its own sort of political art form. Last night he was in top form (video below). Whilst waiting for Martha Coakley’s concession speech last night Matthews, reached farther back than 2008 and summed up the election results thusly (hint: it’s the economy stupid…but his version is far more entertaining):

We deal all the time with the cosmos we live in, the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times…are unhappy. There’s a dissatisfaction out there; it may be the cold winter, it may be the unemployment rate. It’s not going down. People react — I’ve always believed you can trust economic circumstances to give you a fabulous reading on the mood of the country. Richard Nixon. People say ‘what do you mean? He covered up a break in and he lost his presidency over that’ No, the times were terrible economically. Bill Clinton embarrassed us over Monica Lewinsky, but you know what the times were great. I’m a Marxist when it comes to analysis: People judge their current economic circumstances and then make political judgments.

Like we said, it’s the economy stupid. Also, if you’re going to be a misbehaving president wait until the unemployment rate goes down. Rachel Maddow points out it might also have had something to do with Marhat Coakley’s personal appeal…or lack thereof. Video below.

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