Christie Announces Leadership PAC by Asking You to Hold His Coat

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a major step toward a 2016 presidential run on Monday, announcing the formation of a leadership PAC called Leadership Matters for America.

The PAC is the second of its kind after Jeb Bush’s The Right to Rise PAC PAC sprung to life last month. Whereas Bush’s mission statement struck positive notes of economic growth and policy reform, Christie’s went with a more forceful tone deploring the decline of American influence.

It was also paired with a GIF (pronounced “jif”) of Christie tossing his coat to a bystander*, perhaps a sign he’s about to roll up his sleeves and get down to business, perhaps a reference to this, perhaps a sign that Christie considers the rest of us his valet.

Read Christie’s announcement below. Clicking the link will — SPOILER ALERT — lead you to a donation page:

* UPDATEROONY: Christie’s office emailed to say that Christie begins every town hall by taking off his jacket to get down to business. So that answers that.

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