CNBC Falls For Roger Goodell Death Hoax and Reports on It

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.26.16 PMWell, as predicted, the a Twitter hacker’s hoax about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell‘s death has caused quite a stir in spite of the speed at which the NFL was able to delete the tweet. CNBC reported the death as fact using a “BREAKING NEWS” chyron while a commercial about underwear played.

It lasted for 14 seconds before the entire chyron was taken down. By the time the next two commercials (for NASDAQ and USAA) ended and a live reporter was addressing the camera, a new chyron had appeared to let viewers know that “NFL tweet purportedly saying that Goodell has died has been deleted.”

That one lasted 13 seconds.

About seven minutes later, Sue Herera was called on to alert viewers that she had breaking news.

“The NFL confirming to CNBC that their Twitter account has been hacked, there were some erroneous tweets out there about the health of Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner — he is fine, We are very happy to report that Roger Goodell is just fine,” she said haltingly.

Speaking of hacking, remember the time CNBC offered their online readers a chance to check the security of their passwords by giving them a text-entry box that was not at all secure? It only happened three months ago.

[image via screengrab]

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