CNN Contributor LZ Granderson: Ted ‘Nugent Should Be In Jail’

CNN contributor LZ Granderson has called for the arrest of controversial rocker Ted Nugent following his comments about Democrats and President Barack Obama that many found offensive and which prompted a Secret Service investigation. Granderson writes that Nugent’s comments should be interpreted as direct threat to President Obama’s life and that he “should be arrested.”

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“Ted Nugent should be arrested,” wrote Granderson in an April 19 column entitled “Ted Nugent Should Be In Jail.”

Nugent’s words were: “If Barack Obama is elected, I’ll either be dead or in jail this time next year,” which sounds to me like he’s open to directing his disapproval of Obama in a way that is violent and unlawful. When you see that statement next to Nugent comparing Obama and his colleagues to coyotes that needed to be shot, as well as the need to “ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November,” I don’t see how that rant cannot be looked upon as a threat on the president’s life.

Granderson admits that the First Amendment likely covers Nugent’s inflammatory remarks and that he probably will not face jail time. Granderson does, however, remind his readers that “People are still free to organize boycotts and express disapproval.”

The CNN and ESPN contributor goes on to condemn the large number of firearms loose in the country – a subject on which Nugent is particularly outspoken. Granderson suggests that various state’s carry and concealment laws regarding firearms make the ability to assassinate a public figure, like the president , more likely and such an act would require less premeditation.

Who needs a plan when you can be ticked off, get liquored up and then go attend a rally?

Granderson suggests that the First Amendment undermines a law which makes it illegal to make “threats against former presidents and certain other persons.”

“How can we begin to talk seriously about “restoring America”– whatever that means — when we openly threaten the life of our chief ambassador,” writes Granderson.

U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy were all assassinated. Six U.S. presidents survived assassination attempts.

I’m not surprised to hear such comments from Nugent. But I am surprised that in a country with 106 million handguns, 105 million rifles, 83 million shotguns and four assassinated presidents, we don’t take such talk more seriously.

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