Colmes Challenges Fox News Watch: What About All The GOP Candidates Working For Fox News?

The Obama administration has an extra cozy relationship with the media. This was the subject of a panel discussion of Saturday’s Fox News Watch. Said Andrea Tantaros: “Look at their relationship with ABC News. There was questions around the Town Hall that ABC News did…This administration has a history of having a very cozy relationship with the Mainstream Press.”

I suspect a lot of people might argue the media’s love affair with Obama ended quite some time ago and has since gone in the opposite direction, nevertheless fellow panelist Alan Colmes had another point, namely, if you want to talk about media love affairs how about all these prospective GOP candidates who currently work for Fox News?

From all appearances FNW host Jon Scott could not change the subject quickly enough following Colmes’ comment, Jim Pinkerton, however, slowed things down by counting the the candidates in question off. Conclusion: There are at least three that currently work for Fox. Watch below.

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