Curt Schilling Disinvites Paul Nehlen From Radio Show: ‘No Positive Benefit To Giving You Air Time’


It’s a reversal.

Former baseball All-Star-turned-Breitbart radio host Curt Schilling has announced that Paul Nehlen will no longer be making a re-appearance on his program.

Schilling invited Nehlen onto his show yesterday, which comes after Breitbart declared the latter “dead to us” for his overt embrace of white nationalism. Shortly after Schilling made his announcement, he sparred with several people online after they tried to point out how and why Breitbart distanced itself from the fringe congressional candidate.

Here’s an example:

However, Schilling is singing a different tune now:

After that announcement, Schilling engaged with several Twitter users as he explained his decision:

And here’s what Schilling had to say about previously supporting Nehlen and offering him a platform.

Nehlen previously contributed on Breitbart, he made a number of appearances on their radio programs, and he recently appeared alongside Steve Bannon to support Roy Moore‘s failed senate campaign.

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