Dem Rep. Asked FBI Director at Hearing About Trump Retweeting White Supremacists

william clayFBI Director James Comey‘s hearing––mostly focused on the Hillary Clinton email investigation––took a detour to the other presidential candidate with one Democratic congressman brought up Donald Trump‘s retweets.

Congressman William Clay first asked Comey more broadly about his concerns about hate groups and how they’re able to spread their messages online with hashtags like #WhiteGenocide.

Comey gave fairly standard remarks about distinguishing between dangerous speech and people exercising their First Amendment, and then Clay got to Trump.

He said, “Certain public figures are actually promoting these dangerous groups, even one of our most vocal candidates for president.”

Clay highlighted Trump’s various retweets of white supremacists and asked him, “Don’t these actions make it easier for these racist groups to recruit even more supporters?”

Watch how Comey answered above, via C-SPAN 3.

[image via screengrab]

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