Did The Old CBS Sitcom Yes, Dear Predict The Tiger Woods Scandal?

Psychologist Carl Jung called it synchronicity – the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner (thanks Wikipedia!) Not sure that this is a perfect example of that, but its certainly a weird coincidence: a storyline about sexual addiction on Yes, Dear — the CBS sitcom now running in reruns on TBS –somehow worked in a throw away line about Tiger Woods and…sexual addiction? Now this would sort of make sense if Rachel Uchitel was attached to the show, but an IMDB search reveals no such evidence.

So…let’s see here…how best to explain. Some young slacker appears to have been watching reruns of CBS old sitcom Yes, Dear, when he or she noticed a remarkable back and forth, that in hindsight, seems impossibly prescient – a narrative that not only dealt with sexual addiction, but somehow worked Tiger Woods into the script.

Thankfully, that young slacker was enterprising enough to put it on YouTube, for all of us to gawk at in all its glory. Oh Internet – is there anything you can’t do? (h/t to Gawker.TV)

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