Whoopi Goldberg Trashes Kilmeade for 9/11 Memorial-Confederate Statues Remark: ‘Read a Book’

The View this morning took on Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade for his comment yesterday about whether people in the future will want to take the 9/11 memorial down like how people now want to take down Confederate monuments down.

Kilmeade posed that question to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who said that “I’m an advocate of learning from our monuments, understanding the period that they were made.”

Whoopi Goldberg responded by saying, “Victims, 9/11. Perpetrators, Confederacy. You understand the difference?”

“When you see something that is put together to intimidate… and that is celebrating a group of people who decided that they wanted to fight for their right to own slaves,” she continued, “I think it’s kind of––you can’t––it’s beyond apples and oranges. Get a book, read a book, crack a book, read something.”

All the co-hosts piled on Kilmeade for those remarks, and Goldberg concluded with an invitation for Kilmeade to come on the show, adding, “We’ll tell you to your face what we think.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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