‘Full of Sh*t!’: Watch Cranky Ex-Coach Jim (‘Playoffs?!’) Mora Make Some More TV Gold

Crotchety former NFL head coach Jim Mora is responsible for one of the greatest viral clips in recent sports history — his famed 2001 “Playoffs?!” rant during a postgame news conference in Indianapolis.

Mora is retired from coaching, but he can still be seen as a Saints analyst for New Orleans NBC affiliate WDSU. In this role, he’s already produced some TV gold. And on Monday night, he was back at it again.

An anchor in the studio, Scott Walker, posited that Mora loses patience the later it gets in the broadcast. Mora was informed of Walker’s remark by his colleagues, and on live air, he took umbrage with it a hilarious way.

“Tell Scott he’s full of shit!” Mora said, laughing.

Mora’s colleagues — Fletcher Mackel and Sharief Ishaq — cracked up as they told Mora they were on the air.

“Was that live?!” Mora said. “No it wasn’t!…Oh my God!…Are you serious?!”

Then he added, sheepishly, “Sorry, gang.”

As a broadcaster, Jim Mora might be good enough for the regular season. But playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! Don’t talk about playoffs!

Watch above, via WDSU.

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