GELF “Overlooked Women In Media” Panel, September ’09 (VIDEO)


Here is a video of the GELF “Overlooked Women In Media” panel from September 2009, featuring Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar and Glynnis MacNicol, CNET’s Caroline McCarthy, Jezebel’s Anna Holmes and Slate Double X’s Jessica Grose. The transcript is here.

Rachel Sklar: Watchdog of the Underrated Woman [GELF]
Glynnis MacNicol: Miss En Abyme [GELF]
Jessica Grose: Peggy Olson’s Heiress [GELF]
Anna Holmes: Leader of the Jezzies [GELF]
Caroline McCarthy: Working The Social Media Beat [GELF]
Panel Nerds: Women of the Media World Unite and Take Over [Mediaite]

>>>NEXT: Transcript of the panel.

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