Giuliani Gets Roasted Online for Dismissively Claiming ‘Men Talk Like’ Trump Did in 2005


imageedit_43_7087825920While appearing on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, Rudy Giuliani got thoroughly told by Jake Tapper. Giuliani had been claiming that Donald Trump‘s leaked conversation about women was just how men talk and that anyone who hasn’t said similar things about women should throw the first stone. Tapper shot back that he would be glad to throw the stone because he has never spoken about women that way.

As that was happening on air, the Giuliani-trouncing was matching pace online. The official SOTU Twitter account tweeted out his quote…

…and was flooded with replies from those who were not happy to see themselves characterized that way.

That is certainly a change from Trump’s insistence that what was recorded was “locker room talk” and Bill O’Reilly‘s classification of the leaked audio as “crude guy talk.”

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