Glenn Beck Bursts Out Laughing in Response to ‘Dolt’ Ed Schultz Calling Him ‘Dumbass’

On his MSNBC show Monday, Ed Schultz took aim at “Glenn Beck disciples” by saying if they want information on the health care law, they should go to “” Beck responded on his BlazeTV show Tuesday and after playing the clip of Schultz going off, burst out laughing.

Beck and his co-hosts laughed their asses off listening to Schultz’s insult, mocking the “creativity” and “Ed-brand comedy” you can only get on MSNBC.

Beck didn’t think the cable news network could get any worse than Keith “You’re a fascist!” Olbermann and “‘I’M WEARING A MICROPHONE!’ Al Sharpton,” but somehow Schultz has managed to dig deeper. Beck had this message for the MSNBC host.

“I’m covering this because you’re such a third-grade bully. You’re such a dolt that we find it hysterical! So I’ll continue to cover you because you hurt the left so badly!”

Schultz also went after Beck last Thursday for his site The Blaze posting a video containing his “most ridiculous poll questions.” Back in 2011, Beck called Schultz a “piece of trash” who represents everything that’s wrong with television.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[photo via screengrab]

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