Glenn Beck Dishes on Trump Distrust: I’m ‘Gravely Concerned About the Direction of the Country’


On Wednesday night, radio host and author of Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fears for Power and Control Glenn Beck made a rare appearance on — gasp! — MSNBC to join Lawrence O’Donnell for a rousing chat about the disastrous direction of our nation under a potential Trump presidency.

On the cover of the book Liars are the silhouettes of several prominent progressives, and Beck intentionally included Donald Trump himself among the likes of the Roosevelts and Barack Obama. When O’Donnell pressed the author about the inclusion of the GOP standard-bearer, Beck answered candidly: “I think he has Socialist tendencies.”

“He’s definitely not a conservative,” Beck continued. “I don’t even like calling myself a conservative, because I don’t even know what it means anymore. I’m a constitutionalist. I believe in the adherence to the Constitution; I don’t think Donald Trump has even read the Constitution, or knows what’s in the Constitution.”

Beck indicated that despite Trump’s well documented history of liberal attitudes, it seems as if many conservatives — “whatever that means,” he joked — are more likely to accept it coming from someone who labeled himself as a “Republican” rather than a “Democrat.”

“It’s not the way the country was founded, and what we’re all about, and I’ll stand on those principles. Donald Trump doesn’t stand for any of those principles. Any of them,” he said of adhering to the original Constitution.

He continued telling the liberal O’Donnell:

“Lawrence, I’m doing your show tonight because I’m truly gravely concerned about the direction of the country and I am – it is, very important for conservatives or constitutionalists to stand up and let the left know: hey guys, we’re not all like that. And we have concerns and there has to be some things we can come together on, and basic values and principles and let’s not go into a chaos theory. That never works out well.”

Watch the above clip from MSNBC’s Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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