Glenn Beck: Everyone Else’s D.C. Rally Is Secretly Being Run By Socialists

For no apparent reason Glenn Beck is completely unraveling over the fact other people are having rallies on the National Mall. How else to explain today’s frenzied chalkboard performance during which Beck explained (with the help of about a gazillion magnets) that, while he is a supporter of free speech, everyone else throwing a rally this month is a secret socialist communist. I mean jeez. Calm down dude. Watching this segment felt a little bit like accidentally stepping in on Beck secretly performing J. Edgar Hoover, The Paranoid Years. Why not just point out Jon Stewart has a book to sell, imitation is flattery, and be done with it. Watch the clip below. Beck doesn’t say so, but presumably if you attend either of these rallies the secret socialists will also be hiding under your hotel bed.

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