Glenn Beck on Hillary: ‘She’s Going to Win the Presidency’

Glenn Beck, on his radio show Tuesday, predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would in fact be the next president of the United States.

Citing a personal “friend” who is also close to the “Hillary people,” Beck said it was explained to him what Clinton’s strategy for a 2016 run would be.

“This is what made me say, ‘Oh my gosh — she’s going to win the presidency,'” Beck said.

How Beck relayed what his “friend” told him:

“The right is so stupid. They just don’t get it. You guys are going to all be fighting on Benghazi and everything else, and here’s what Hillary is going to do. [She is going to say], ‘Do you remember when America was good? Do you remember when we had jobs and we were building towards a brighter future, and things were really happening? The Clinton administration, we had it under control. Things were good, and… we’re going to do better. We’re going to replant our flag in the traditional things that you understand.'”

Clinton, who failed to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012, has not yet declared her intentions for the 2016 election.

Watch via BlazeTV:

h/t Breitbart News

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