Glenn Beck Slams Breitbart: ‘Are You Void of Anything Decent?’

Breitbart Beck 2Talk radio host and The Blaze founder Glenn Beck tore into rival site Breitbart for an anonymously written and unflattering story on his impassioned plea to raise money to bring Syrian refugees into the United States.

“Breitbart news. Are you this petty? Are you void of anything decent?” he wrote on Facebook. “Answer: no. Just like last week when I said something stupid that I regretted, you have done the same.”

“How could you say ‘in his own words’ and then make up a quote from me?” he asked. “Those are your words not mine.” (The headline of the Breitbart piece was “Glenn Beck in His Own Words: I’ll Save More People Than Schindler.” The exact Beck quote was “We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved, okay?”)

Beck said that he had “taken the lies about me from Breitbart media for many years because quite frankly, it is beneath both of us to fight when our country is in this much trouble. It still is beneath us.”

Beck apologized for whatever wrongs the Breitbart staff believed he had done them, suggested a sit-down between the two parties to discuss their disagreements, and invited them to join his crusade to save Syrian refugees. “Let’s save lives and our own souls. Together, with our readers and audience we, meaning all those within the sound of our combined voices, can save thousands.”

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