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Glenn Beck Warns Listeners: ‘Prepare for a Time’ When They Come to Kill You

Glenn Beck indulges in the occasional rhetorical flourish, but yesterday he took the cake with a segment on his radio show seriously warning listeners that shadowy forces may come to silence or even kill them to make sure everybody stays in line.

And what inspired Beck to deliver this dire warning? Al Sharpton calling on the Justice Department to take over local police forces.

Beck warned about the whole country being set ablaze some time in the future, like Baltimore was recently, and the DOJ will finally take over the police and then “it’s lights out, republic.”

And, Beck continued, when something like that happens and there are voices of dissent making themselves publicly known, thousands upon thousands “just disappear, or they’re killed, which means they do that so there’s nothing left but sheep.”

Lest you think Beck only spoke in the abstract sense, behold:

“If you want the republic to survive, you must say you are not a sheep, you are a shepherd. There are 10 million people that listen to this show. They cannot kill 10 million people in one night. You were born for a reason, and you’re listening to this show for a reason… Prepare for a time when voices like mine or others are no longer heard and yours is the only voice.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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