GOP Staffers at Clinton Speech Forced to Turn Their Shirts Inside Out


While Hillary Clinton‘s campaign staffers were busily preparing to live-tweet the presidential hopeful’s speech at Roosevelt Island today, another group was sitting just outside the event — local GOP staffers. Yes, the RNC does exist in New York City, and many of its younger members were out in force today.

Including Raffi Williams, a GOP Deputy Press Secretary out of Washington, D.C. who came to protest Clinton’s big campaign event. They all came wearing “Stop Hillary” shirts, holding up signs whenever the cameras fell on them, and passing out pamphlets and other goodies to everyone around them.

Williams and a few compatriots even got into the grounds of the Clinton speech. They’d paid for the general admission tickets, after all.

Despite the formality of their entrance, however, a Clinton staffer didn’t take to kindly to the “Stop Hillary” shirts Williams and his colleagues were wearing.

They were subsequently booted from the event, but Williams was able to negotiate reentry with a caveat — only if they agreed to turn their “Stop Hillary” shirts inside out. So they did.

Gives a new spin to the ol’ “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” bit small business owners are fond of touting.

[h/t Raffi Williams, Adrian Carrasquillo and Colin Campbell]
[Image via Adrian Carrasquillo]

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