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Gossip Cop Slams Hollywood Life Over Yet More False Pregnancy Rumors

When it comes to the celebrity gossip machine, few stories can catch fire like Hollywood pregnancy rumors. That’s why the blog Hollywood Life’s front page currently features a headline screaming, “Are They Pregnant?” along with pictures of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner sporting what maybe possibly sorta could somewhat be construed as looking the tiniest bit like baby bumps.

You’ll never guess where this story goes next – it seems that our friends at Gossip Cop have confirmed that neither Witherspoon nor Garner are actually pregnant. The site said a rep for Witherspoon told them she’s not pregnant, while “a source close to” Garner informed them she is not expecting.

The best part of this is that, according to Gossip Cop, this at least Hollywood Life’s sixth Garner pregnancy rumor since April. Eventually they might be right, but we’d say “boy who cried wolf” syndrome has long since taken hold in their case. Yes, if there’s one thing these wild rumors teach us, it’s that Hollywood gossip blogs may indeed not be the most accurate sources of information out there. But hey, if Hollywood Life’s up to six untrue Garner rumors – let’s get to double digits! Don’t let us down, guys.

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