comScore Greta Van Susteren and Ali Velshi in Beef Over MyPillow CEO

Greta Van Susteren Throws Down with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Over MyPillow Guy: ‘What is Wrong With You?’

When MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell spoke to reporters during a Rose Garden presser this week, members of the media and pundits from the left took to social media to trash him, his remarks, and the fact that he was even there.

Lindell, often referred to – and derisively so, by some – as “the MyPillow guy”, was there to talk about the fact that his company will be dedicating some of their resources and facilities to manufacturing masks for medical professionals who are battling the Covid-19 pandemic. Like a jerk.

He also mentioned God, which anyone who has seen Silicon Valley knows is a recipe for disaster.

Among those leveling their witty and devastating snark at the businessman offering assistance during a national emergency was MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, with this clever contribution:

In his case, someone pushed back. Formerly of Fox News and MSNBC, current host of Full Court Press Greta Van Susteren quote-tweet responded.

“Why do you mock ANYONE who would help in any way?” she demanded. “What is wrong w/ you?”

Velshi responded by reply, saying that “lot of people are doing things” and asking why “The My Pillow guy” made “the cut” to speak about his efforts.

To which Van Susteren replied by quote retweet again, asking what Velshi is doing to help people “besides sitting on the sidelines being snarky” and getting paid to talk.

Then Velshi explained for the first time that he is “grateful” for what Lindell is doing, before asking whether Lindell’s status as a Trump donor could be what Solyndrafied — err, solidified his role in the presser.

“Because asking THAT question on behalf of the public IS our job,” said the guy whose first tweet was a snarky wisecrack at Lindell’s expense.

Some of Greta’s former colleagues at Fox also responded.

And that’s the latest from the Journalist Wars.

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