Hannity Fires Back at Sen. Ben Sasse on Twitter: ‘Call Me When U Repeal Obamacare #Loser’


Sean Hannity took another shot GOP Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) in their now-ongoing Twitter feud.

It began last night when the senator from Nebraska released a statement targeting President Trump for his recent attacks on the press.

“Are you tonight recanting of the oath you took on January 20th to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment?” Sasse asked the president.

The Fox News host did not like Sasse’s statement and made it clear on Twitter.

“One of the biggest mistakes in my career was supporting Ben Sasse. Just useless,” Hannity said.

The next day, Sasse fired back.

“Sorry, Sean — you changed, not me,” Sasse tweeted. “Some of us still believe in the Constitution. No president should play with censoring news they dislike.”

He then followed up that tweet with a hypothetical situation for conservatives.

“What will you wish you had said now if someday a President Elizabeth Warren talks about censoring Fox News?” he asked.

Late on Thursday, Hannity shot back.

“The POTUS keeps his promises,” Hannity reacted. “You criticize the POTUS daily. How about standing up to [Mitch] McConnell? Call me when u repeal Obamacare #Loser.”

He followed up with another tweet, asking Sasse if he cares “so much about the Constitution,” “where have you been” on things like surveillance, unmasking, and the leaking of raw intel.

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