Hillary Clinton Photographed Dancing, Drinking Beer In Colombia

Hillary Clinton is pretty cool, and essentially cemented that image when the Texts From Hillary meme caught on. Over the weekend, she only reinforced it when she was photographed sipping cerveza and dancing at Cafe Havana in Cartagena, Colombia — where she attended the Summit of the Americas.

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Reuters reported that Clinton, accompanied by security, “had a drink at the salsa bar and then danced with a posse of her female aides, relaxing after a day at the side of U.S. President Barack Obama at the roughly 30-nation summit, which excluded Cuba.” The New York Post wrote, “Clinton quickly proved she’s just a regular gal when it comes to drinking — she eschewed a glass and sucked down her Aguila pilsner cerveza straight from the bottle.”

A person who wished to remain anonymous said, “She looked like she was having a great time.” A U.S. State Department official agreed (also remaining anonymous). How much fun did she have? “A lot,” the official said. Looks that way from the photos!

Clinton’s photos quickly made a splash Monday morning, with the New York Post printing the headline, “SWILLARY.”

TMZ called her “Secretary of PARTYING.” Across the pond, a blog post in the London Telegraph asked if Clinton is “becoming an embarrassment” as Secretary of State. As some reports note, Cafe Havana’s about as close to Cuba as Clinton will be getting any time soon.

(H/T Reuters; TMZ; NY Post)

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