How Many People Were At Glenn Beck’s Rally? Here’s A Really Big Slideshow

Yesterday, Glenn Beck held his Restoring Honor rally on the National Mall at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. You can watch Beck’s address here and Sarah Palin‘s address here. Steve Krakauer and I both attended and I took a slew pictures with the intention of Twittering them out. Alas, getting any sort of connection on the Mall yesterday was a near impossibility so instead I’ve uploaded them here. All of them.

Thus far, the big question following yesterday’s event appears to be how many people attended. Answer from the ground: a lot. Interestingly CBS is estimating the crowd at 87,000. NBC quoted the National Parks service which put it at 300,000. Based solely on my perspective from the ground and the fact I was in Washington for the Inauguration I would err on the side of NBC and the National Parks. But the discrepancy begs the question: how do you lose 200,000 people?

Of the crowd I would say they were across-the-board friendly and polite and very excited to be there. I would also note reports that it was a mostly white crowd are true, and it was something more than a few people I encountered remarked upon. It was also very very hot. Really big slideshow below.

[imageviewer id=16]

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