Huckabee Has ‘No Doubt’ Obama Is ‘Worthy of Impeachment’

President Barack Obama has done things he could be impeached for, according to Fox News host Mike Huckabee. Whether Congressional Republicans should actually try impeaching him, Huckabee says, is another matter.

On the Steve Deace radio show Monday, Huckabee was asked if Obama has done anything in office “worthy of being impeached.”

“Absolutely,” Hucakbee said. “There’s no doubt that he’s done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.”

Unlike his Fox colleague Sarah Palin, however, Huckabee said he believed House Republicans may be successful in voting to impeach Obama but the Democratically controlled Senate would kill the it.

Huckabee cited the several exemptions the Obama administration has granted to certain groups from “Obamacare” as one of the things Obama could be impeached for.

Listen below, as clipped by RightWingWatch:

[h/t RWW via Talking Points Memo]
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