‘I Have to Laugh to Keep From Crying’: Don Lemon Loses It Over Trump Supporter’s Hacking Explanation


While moderating a panel discussion last night on CNN, host Don Lemon got into a bit of a back-and-forth with Donald Trump supporter and former Apprentice contestant Andy Dean over Dean’s at-times nonsensical arguments regarding Russian hacking and its potential influence on the election.

Dean began his portion of the discussion by bringing up the infamous Access Hollywood tape and saying it would have helped Hillary Clinton if she won. He then moved on to saying it was insulting to Midwestern voters to say Vladimir Putin influenced their votes. Lemon pressed back, saying that the two things are not the same and wanted to know if Dean thought the intelligence saying Russia was behind hacking to influence the election was false.

When Dean said it wasn’t that “cut and dry,” the CNN anchor pushed back, saying he could say “yes or no.” This led to Dean saying no and explaining that John Podesta’s password was the word “password” and saying Julian Assange said it wasn’t the Russians.

Lemon then played Dean a clip of Trump himself saying he thinks “it was Russia,” leading to the conservative radio host saying Trump “has a great point” and proceeded to deliver an explanation that included China, 400-pound guys in bed, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

“I have to laugh to keep from crying,” Lemon said as Dean spoke. After Dean finished his answer, the CNN host told him “you are conflating a lot of things that have nothing to do with nothing.” The Trump supporter shot back, saying he was given “limited talk time.”

“You are not making sense, man,” Lemon responded. “I’m sorry.”

Watch the whole insane discussion above, via CNN.

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